10 Bad Twitter Habits You Must Break Today

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Want to make friends and influence followers? Doing away with these irksome Twitter habits will help. Plus, if you’re managing an account for a business, these bad habits can have even more serious consequences–from turning off customers to damaging your brand.

We took the pulse of some of social media’s most influential players to find out what not to do while you tweet.

1. Overusing hashtags. Less is more–use hashtags selectively rather than #in #front #of #every #word.

2. Having a conversation with one or two other people that would be better done via email or DM. Pick the right medium for the message, and spare the Twitterverse your musings about what time to meet for happy hour.

3. Asking for RT and follows. It just makes you seem desperate. Sorry.

4. Only pushing out broadcast messages. There’s a reason it’s called social media. Two-way conversations, interacting, engagement, listening, and responding are all part of the deal.

5. Not being responsive. If someone talked to you at a party, you’d respond, right? Well, the same expectations exist on social media. Be courteous, respond promptly, and if you need to make a clean exit, do so–but say bye to the hosts first.

6. Sending automatic, canned DMs to new followers. Talk about a turn-off.

7. Humblebrags. Yeah, we know it must have been difficult trying to juggle invites to speak at SXSW and TED. But seriously, keep it to yourself.

8. Not leaving enough space for someone to RT and add a comment.

9. Retweeting or favoriting everything. Be selective, add original content, and resist the urge to be a lemming. Your followers will thank you for it.

10. Sending a zillion tweets in a row. Again, less is more. No need to clog up everyone’s feed with unnecessary chatter, so think before you tweet.

Felix L Griffin
Felix L Griffin

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